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Domain lock service
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How to lock or unlock my domains?

Please login to the reseller control panel with you account ID and password.To unlock/lock domains, hover on " Domain Status Query >> Find the domain name and select Lock or Unlock.

Can someone transfer my domain name away when its locked?

You can totally rest assured for your domain security by using our domain lock function.

Domain locking is a free security enhancement offered by Onlinenic to prevent unauthorized transfer of your domain to another registrar or web host by protecting your name servers.

When your domain is locked, you'll be substantially protected from unauthorized third parties who might try to misdirect your name servers or transfer your domain without your permission. 

What happens when I "lock" my domain?

The Locked status of the domain name is one of the safeguards against unauthorized domain transfers and it protects your rights as a domain owner.

However, you need to change the status from Locked to unlock if you would like to initiate a domain name transfer. We strongly recommend that you keep your domain in Locked status unless you would like to transfer it to a new registrar.

What does the term "Registrar Lock" mean?

Registrar-Lock is a status code that can be set on an Internet domain name by the sponsoring registrar of the domain name. This is usually done in order to prevent unauthorized, unwanted or accidental changes to the domain name.

When set, the following actions are prohibited by the domain name registry:

Modification of the domain name, including: Transferring of the domain name & Deletion of the domain name

I failed to unlock domain. Why is that?

The failure is caused by the following two situations:

1, Pending transfer (away from OnlineNIC)

When a domain name is in pending, any operation like DNS update or domain lock is prohibited.

2. Domain Transfer-out (With other registrar)

We delete the redundant domain name records when in a certain time circle. In this period, the error will appear when it has been actually transferred away.

Is there a charge for OnlineNIC Domain Lock service?

No fee will be charged for the domain lock operation. We provide this Domain lock & unlock service to our customers for free.

Why would I need OnlineNIC Domain Lock service?

Our domain industry has seen an alarming increase in fraudulent domain transfer requests and the many crooks who prey on the unsophisticated and those who innocently have their guard down. OnlineNIC Domain Lock service provides an extra layer of safety to protect your domains from unauthorized domain transfers, avoids domain hijacking and prevents anyone from making changes to your domain's vital ownership/administrative information.

OnlineNIC's mission is to help you grow business, no matter you are small or big.

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