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Domain Auto-renewal
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How can I check if a domain name is on auto-renewal?

Please first login at with your ID and password. Click on "Manage Domains"/"Auto-Renewal", you may see on this page all the domains eligible for Auto-Renewal. To perform a query of the Auto-renewal status of specific domain(s), you may:

1.      Choose the specific domain extension.

2.      Input the initial letter(s) of the domain(s).

3.      Choose current domain Auto-Renewal status.

4.      Input specific domain name(s).

5.      Combine the above-mentioned parameter.

How do I know the auto-renewal is successful on the domain name?

A domain's expiration date will be automatically extended for one year upon successful Auto-Renewal, you may check for the updated expiration date from the relevant domain list and the domain Auto-Renewal list. Please note that the auto-renewal execution date will be the day of expiration date.

Is Auto-Renewal option applicable to all domain extensions?

Currently, Auto-Renewal option is applicable to .COM/.NET/.ORG/IDN/.CN/.US/.BIZ/.INFO/.EU domains.

What will happen if my account balance is insufficient even I enable auto-renewal for domain name.

For instance, if the expiration date of is 2004-5-1, and you've enabled Auto-Renewal option for the domain, however, there is only $1 in your account on 2004-5-1, then, Auto-Renewal for will fail on that day and a notification email asking you to replenish your account will be sent over to you. From 2004-5-1 to 2004-5-9, our system will automatically check your account every day and Auto-Renew for one year if there is sufficient fund in your account; if there is still insufficient fund in your account by 2004-5-9, then from 2004-5-10, our system will cease to check the balance in your account and will not Auto-Renew your domain. However, you will still be able to renew the domain manually through normal procedures.

Here is a reminder that if a domain with its Auto-Renewal option enabled isn't successfully Auto-Renewed within 10 calendar days after its expiration date, then the domain will drop into Hold status. The domain won't function properly in the Hold status, meanwhile, the enabled Auto-Renewal option for the domain will be disabled; if you manually renew your domain more than 10 calendar days after its expiration date and you would still like your domain to be Auto-Renewed when its new expiration date comes, then you would need to re-enable the Auto-Renewal option for your domain.

If I enable the Auto-Renewal option for a domain with its expiration date on 2004-9-1, and I manually renew the domain for one year in May 2004, will OnlineNIC system still Auto-Renew the domain on 2004-9-1 and charge my account accordingly?

If you manually renew the domain in May and thus extended the domain's expiration date to 2005-9-1, our system then won't Auto-Renew the domain on 2004-9-1 and won't charge your account, as our Auto-Renewal system will judge on the up-to-date domain expiration date.

How to set Auto-Renewal for my domains?

Please first login at with your ID and password. Click on "Value-Added Services >> Domain Auto-Renewal", you may see on this page all the domains eligible for Auto-Renewal. 

On the page, you may easily enable/disable Auto-Renewal for each specific domain by ticking the checkbox listed in "Auto-Renewal Status" column and then push the "Enable Auto-Renewal"/"Disable Auto-Renewal" button at the bottom of the page.

Why should I set Auto-Renewal for my domains?

Domain Auto-Renewal option will help to better protect your domains. Increasingly domain owners are losing their domain names because they forget to renew them on time due to negligence or some other reasons. With OnlienNIC Auto-Renewal service, you will be able to eliminate the risk easily at no extra cost. You may check, set and modify the Auto-Renewal settings of the domains under your account easily through OnlineNIC Reseller Control Panel.

Is there extra charge for Auto-Renewal?

As one of many OnlineNIC value-added FREE services, the Auto-Renewal option aims at providing convenience for you to better protect your domains. The Auto-Renewal fee is just the same as the normal renewal fee. Definitely NO hidden charge.

If a domain's Auto-Renewal option is enabled, then under what kind of circumstances might the Auto-Renewal of the domain fail?

A domain with its Auto-Renewal option enabled might fail to be Auto-Renewed under the following circumstances:

1.      There is insufficient fund for the Auto-Renewal fee in the relevant account.

2.      The connection between OnlineNIC system and the Registry fails due to network problems.

3.      Technical problems with the Registry on a certain day and thus causing the failure of Auto-Renewals on that day.

10 calendar days from a domain's expiration date, our system will automatically check and try to Auto-Renew the domain every day until it is successfully Auto-Renewed even though the Auto-Renewal might fail several times due to the above-mentioned reasons. But after 10 calendar days, you will need to renew the domain manually if the domain is still not successfully Auto-Renewed.

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