Superior security. Unparalleled speed.

Precise, data-driven security

It protects millions of web properties and serves tens of millions of HTTP requests per second on average. This reach provides unmatched visibility into threats, enables our machine learning models to keep getting better with time and ensures we never sidetrack business with false positives.

Global Scale

Its global Anycast network spans 300 cities across 100 countries, reducing latency and time to first byte by delivering content closer to visitors. The outstanding application's experience and the high level of visitor's satisfaction drives promising increase in Sales.

Never compromise security for performance

Built natively from the ground up with a consistent architecture. Every security service runs from every data center.

Content is always a blink away for incredible experiences on any device, regardless of traffic spikes, attacks, and outages.

Better, more precise security through faster security protections and data-driven insights from our global cloud network.

Businesses can build and maintain customer trust, enhance their reputation, and ultimately contribute to customer success by providing a secure and outstanding environment.

Industry Leader

We are working with industry leaders in the 2022 "Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAAP" report to deliever the Security & Performance for your applications. Gartner's recognition validates that theyprotect against emerging threats faster, offer tighter integration of security capabilities, and deliver powerful ease of use and deployment.

Why does this matter is that the industry leaders can provide you with a higher level of assurance, reliability, trust, cutting-edge technology, and well-established support and service.

Case Study

  • The threat: the customer runs an E-Commerce business and they are facing the challenge of their rapid growth increases exposure to various cyber threats, including credential stuffing, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, malicious bot activity, and more. When customers respond to a campaign and discover that the inventory is sold out, they often turn to resellers to purchase the item - so the original seller loses both customers and revenue as a result.
  • The challenge: In the past, it took a security engineer an hour to investigate and block a DDoS attack and bad bot activities,
  • The Solution: With Bot Management, Website Application Firewall (WAF) and Rate Limiting, the customer is able to fight back against these attacks, working to fingerprint and block scalper bots before they can compromise sales, and thus improve customer experience.

It is all about your applications (websites, APP, API) security and performance
so users choose you because you provide a better experience.

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Powerful Application Security Service

Improve your application performance

What we do for you?

We are your Hosted IT Manager

Our innovative IT managed services help clients to reduce cost, improve IT service delivery, reduce IT operational risks and deliver a more scalable and robust IT services to meet the business needs.

Do you want to focus on improving working efficiency and expanding business? Is your IT support culture is reactive rather than proactive when it comes to management of your IT infrastructures?

If your answer is "YES", it is time to making use of our professional Hosted IT manager service.

Saving Money

You now need not to have a whole IT team with application security and performance, together no need of corresponding software and hardware expense.

In addition to saving your IT expense, you can also reduce cost from purchasing directly from marketing vendors. Because we are making bulk purchase and get discounts, that could also benefit you.

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24*7*365 Support

Customer satisfaction is always our priority!  
Feel free to contact our highly experienced support team anytime for troubleshootings or technical solutions through:

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