About Us

ODNAM – OnlineNIC Domain Name AfterMarket, is the upgraded platform (Phase II) of ODNAM (aka OnlineNIC Domain Exchange Platform). The most outstanding improvement of ODNAM, compared to the former platform, is that ODNAM customers have the option to publish their own domains to the shared ODNAM aftermarket which has a favor volume of potential buyers.

Major changes of the brand new ODNAM platform are as follows:

  • ODNAM customers can sell or buy *domains in the shared ODNAM aftermarket.
  • ODNAM seller may choose to sell domains at “Fixed Price” or via “Auction” mode.
  • All existing OnlineNIC active resellers**are automatically enrolled in ODNAM.
  • New ODNAM customer will be assigned an OnlineNIC account for advanced domain management features as well as enjoy OnlineNIC products and services.
  • FREE for seller to publish domains to ODNAM.
  • FREE ID Shield service for ODNAM buyers***.
  • A dedicated and easy-to-use website and control panel for ODNAM customers.
* ODNAM buyer needs to be certified before he/she can place an order. For more details on Buyer Certification, please refer to our FAQ.
** Active resellers mean OnlineNIC resellers who have purchased OnlineNIC products and have transaction records in database.
*** ID Shield is an effective approach to protect domain owners from spam and phishing attempts. For more details on ID Shield, please refer to     https://www.onlinenic.com/idshield/.