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From Oct 1st to Oct 31st, 2014, you can save 40% on new .EU doman name. The price $5.39 is only applicable for the first year new registration.

Below you will find .EU marketing toolkit which you may need to show your customer that they need a .EU domin name. Please contact your account manager if you need any assistance.

Onlinenic Inc

About .eu and EURid

.eu connects 500 million Europeans in 28 countries. More than 3.5 million .eu domain names have been registered so far, making .eu one of the largest top-level domains in the world. Any business, individual or organisation residing within the European Union can register a .eu domain name.
.eu is operated by EURid, the not-for-profit organisation that manages and maintains the technical infrastructure and services needed for .eu to be present on the Internet.

  • Show you are European

    More than offering you an address on the Internet, a .eu website allows you to present your company as being truly European: an international player open for business across the 28 EU Member States that celebrates European cultural diversity.

    Using .eu raises your visibility because it stands out as being innovative and modern.

  • Signal quality and trustworthiness

    A .eu website tells yourcustomers that you are a legal entity in the EU and are therefore subject to EU law and trading standards.

    Only businesses established in the EU are eligible for .eu domain names, so everyone clearly sees your business credentials and you canreassure your customers of your accountability.

  • Protect your online content

    A .eu domain name allows you to create your own space on the web where you are the exclusive owner of the information you share online.

    Not only does this enable you to be the custodian of your company's online identity, but it also makes it much easier to manage precious business data, because it is housed on your website, an online domain over which you have full control.

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