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NAME real-time registration is available now!

Register your .NAME domain now! You can register your real name, your nick name and others names.Not only you can register your own .NAME domain, but also you can buy one as a present for your friends, relatives or even business partner!

.Name is the first domain designed exclusively for you, offering you an unique web address and email address that you can keep for life.

Web address for life

It's personal. Whether you use it to show off your holiday photos or as an online portfolio, your .name domain is an easy way to express yourself online.
It's global. It will be a new global standard for personal Web addresses - in exactly the same way as .com is for business, so you'll be part of a worldwide family of users.

Email for life

To provide easier email addresses using your .name domain, .name has developed a new technology that uniquely allows a third level domain to have a second level email address.
For example as John Smith: you could register the use of for email forwarding. This service accepts incoming email and forwards to your specified pre-existing email address,

It makes life simpler. The only thing anyone needs to remember to get in touch is your name.
It's incredibly flexible. Forward your .name email to any of your existing email accounts.

Incredible Competitive Prices in OnlineINC
Indentity Package: a favorable price for .NAME domain & .NAME Email Forwarding

To fully create an online identity, we are offering a indentity package (.name domain+email forwarding). Combining these two services provides individuals with a personal third level domain in conjunction with a second level email address to be used for email forwarding.
An example for John Smith:
Domain -

You can subscribe to the Indentity Package for favorable price - this will save you money compared with ordering the two services separately.

 Prices for 3rd .NAME Domain
Duration (years) Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
1 $7.99
$8.69 $9.39 $9.99

  Prices for 2nd Level .NAME Domain
Duration (years) Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
1 $8.99
$9.59 $10.29 $10.89

 Prices for .NAME E-mail Forwarding
Duration (years) Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
1 $16.99
$17.49 $17.99 $18.49