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Dear OnlineNIC Partner,

Recently, NeuStar (.BIZ Registry) received approval from ICANN to make one-and-two-character .BIZ domain names (such as, and available to the public.

In a phased rollout, NeuStar is making these highly desirable domain names available to the global business community through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process. NeuStar began to accept RFP responses for the 36 one-character letter and number domains on June 1, 2009, with a response deadline of July 30, 2009.

Once the one-character RFP round is concluded, NeuStar will proceed to an auction phase for un-allocated names, and will begin accepting RFP responses for the two-character domains. After the completion of the two-character RFP phase, remaining two-character names will enter the auction phase.

The release of one-and-two-character .BIZ domains represents an important opportunity for the .BIZ registry to generate greater brand recognition in today's TLD marketplace, particularly among the global business community. To support this objective, proceeds from the auction of the remaining one-and-two-character domains will be used to further promote the .BIZ brand for the benefit of all .BIZ domain users.

In all phases of the process, successful registrants will have the opportunity to transfer the domain to OnlineNIC of your choice.

For more information on NeuStar's planned release of one-and-two-character .BIZ domain names - including the list of domains, timing and the Request for Proposals - please visit at