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Customers' needs are always what OnlineNIC focuses on. Based on customer feedback, webhosting solution that contains user friendly and easy using control panel will be more needed. cPanel is one of them bundled with higher level of service and at a competitive lower cost.

During the passed months, many customers chosed the new solution. All our customers are encouraged to choose the cPanel solution. For previous H-Sphere customers, we have informed a proposal of free data-migration + one-month bonus (transfer from H-Sphere to cPanel to get a free month), for whom did not reply for more than 7 days, would be treated as agreement. We will safely & seamlessly do migration and generate a free month for all old packages by the end of July, and previous old solution would be unavailable soon after that by Aug 10th. Many thanks!

For any questions please send to, and we are always at your service.