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ICANN approves short and numeric-only .tel domain names

Telnic Limited, .TEL registry, today announced that, ICANN has approved the release of both short (such as and numeric-only (such as or .tel domain names for registration. But one-character ASCII (such as, single-digit (such as and names that may be confused with country code top level domains extensions (known as ccTLDs, such as .us or .uk) will not be available for registration.

This will offer more choice for businesses and individuals when seeking to register their .tel domains, for example, organizations with numeric-only trademarks or with two-letter brands will be able to register their .tel names and individuals will be able to get unique or lucky numbers as a fun online identifier.

The full details of when and how to launch short and numeric - only .tel domain names will be made available by Telnic in due course.