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2010 .INFO annual report: .INFO remains strong growth

Afilias (.INFO registry) has released its .INFO domain 2010 annual report in December 2010. The report reveals a great increase in .INFO registration volume, growing approximately 30% from 2009 to over 6.8 million domain names registered. North America still remains the largest marketing share with 58% of total registration volume, followed by Europe with 27%, but the Asia Pacific region is also gaining share of .INFO, and is currently home to 12% of .INFO registrations.

In addition to statistics on the status of .INFO, Afilias also shows its efforts to enhance security and safety within the .INFO domain. It deployed Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) which provides a trusted foundation to authenticate DNS queries and responses and prevents DNS hijacking. It also continued to aggressively act to enforce its .INFO Domain Anti- Abuse Policy which is helpful to protect .INFO domain names against phishing, malware and spam.

For more details, please visit Afilias website